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Robbery Assignment  KitsRegardless of the training employees receive, when robbery occurs it is traumatic and chaotic. Having an easy to follow instruction kit at their fingertips is the solution. Veritas Training Consultants Inc. in conjunction with Level Five Strategic Partners Inc. has designed a comprehensive robbery assignment kit with all the essential forms and documents necessary to properly post manage a robbery incident. The kits can be customized for financial, retail, commercial and pharmacy businesses. The price of the robbery assignment kits is based on a volume sales structure. For pricing please fill out the order request form and we will email you a quote based on the information provided.

Each Robbery Assignment Kit includes:

  • 2 Closed Signs / Black Sharpie
  • 2 Evidence Signs
  • Bait Money Record
  • Robbery Assignment Cards (perforated for easy separation)
  • 4 Robbery Description Reports
  • Weapons Identification Guide
  • 1 Bomb Threat Form/Checklist
  • 1 No Hats Sign
  • Armed Robbery Procedure Poster
  • Height Tape
  • Caution Tape
  • 3 Vault Stickers
  • Cash Under Time Delay Lock
  • Employees have Limited Access to Funds in Cash Dispensing Unit
  • Premises Protected by Video Surveillance

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