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Armed Robbery Rehearsal Seminar Training

Course Description:

Veritas Training Consultants Inc. provides Armed Robbery Rehearsal Seminar Training that can be customized for businesses in the financial, retail, commercial and pharmacy industries. This three hour compliance based course is interactive and includes professionally shot robbery scenario videos that allow the employee/driver to walk through the mental though process of a robbery incident and learn how to recall information, to accurately fill out a robbery description form and also learn what proper actions to take following a robbery incident. This training is beneficial for employees in high-risk industries, to assist them to properly manage an armed robbery situation in the workplace. The training can also help senior management personnel minimize liability, in the event of injury or death to an employee, in a robbery incident.

Curriculum Overview:

  • Understanding the Importance of Armed Robbery Training
  • Robber’s Goals (Expectations) & Motives
  • Types of Armed Robberies
  • Armed Robbery Misconceptions
  • Types of Resistances
  • Weapons Used in Robberies
  • Observation Practices
  • Post Robbery Procedure Cards
  • Police Response & Investigation
  • Use of Notification Stickers
  • Observation Video Exercises
  • Post Robbery Procedure Video Exercise

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